Nursery Industry Explores Biodegradable Containers

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Plastic containers revolutionized plant production. Now a significant percentage of plants are grown in some type of container. At the retail level, containers not only hold plants and soil, but they have become a visual part of the marketing. Yet, … Read More

Worm Culture…Helping Save the Planet

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OK…I admit the headline is a bit overblown…but I have been encouraged by recent increased activity around using worms to recycle bio-materials, mainly food waste. I have personally followed the vermiculture movement for decades, since these hard working organisms both … Read More

A Landscaper Looks at Sustainability

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In my recent post , New Opportunities in Sustainable Landscapes, the discussion centered on new landscape directions for the industry. This post looks at how one landscape firm looks at creating a different landscape, one focused on sounder environmental principles. … Read More

New Opportunities in Sustainable Landscapes

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This article appeared in the Oregon Landscape Contractor’s magazine. It is related to my last post that discussed how growers, retailers and landscapers might take advantage of new “green” trends and technologies. This focuses on how “Sustainable Development Offers New … Read More

Going Green – Point Tipped

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This is an article I wrote several years ago, but with a few minor changes, it still applies to the nursery and landscape industries…maybe even more with the downturn in sales. The green industry needs to market its “greenness!” Point … Read More