Wasted Yards to Mini-Farms

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Urban gardening continues to be an expanding trend. We are seeing more and more turf areas being replaced by some type of landscape, often food oriented. This does not break my heart. I feel most small yards (turf) are useless … Read More

Green Streets/Bioswales/Rain Gardens

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After at least a century of hard engineering solutions for urban rain/storm water run-off, communities are turning more and more to using a plant-based technology that mimics nature’s wetlands and ponds. Portland, Oregon, has played a leading role in supporting … Read More

Trees Prove Valuable in Several Ways

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Several posts ago I mentioned several confirmed environmental benefits of planting trees. The good news keeps coming. First, a study from the east coast indicates that trees are growing faster, probably due to the increase in CO2. The study, published … Read More

Yards Become Part of the Urban Farm Movement

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If anyone should know how consumers are changing their relation to food and gardening, it should be the garden writers. They are avid gardeners themselves, always looking for the next trend, and ready to study today’s food gardening activities. So, … Read More

A Landscaper Looks at Sustainability

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In my recent post , New Opportunities in Sustainable Landscapes, the discussion centered on new landscape directions for the industry. This post looks at how one landscape firm looks at creating a different landscape, one focused on sounder environmental principles. … Read More

Trees Saving the Planet?

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The New York Times is reporting that a new research report, being published in today’s issue of The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, indicates that trees are growing faster, perhaps in response to the atmosphere’s added carbon dioxide. … Read More

New Opportunities in Sustainable Landscapes

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This article appeared in the Oregon Landscape Contractor’s magazine. It is related to my last post that discussed how growers, retailers and landscapers might take advantage of new “green” trends and technologies. This focuses on how “Sustainable Development Offers New … Read More

Going Green – Point Tipped

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This is an article I wrote several years ago, but with a few minor changes, it still applies to the nursery and landscape industries…maybe even more with the downturn in sales. The green industry needs to market its “greenness!” Point … Read More

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