Final Focus…Neighborhood Farms Can Create Health, Community and Growth

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Well Patient Readers, if there are any of you left, one more try at this blog. So many changes since the last post (10 months ago!), but it all seems to be gaining focus. Our farm, with addition of a … Read More

Natural Alternatives to Turf

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My recent post on replacing turf with an edible landscape attracted many comments, especially through Linkin. While I prefer the use of edibles, I certainly realize not everyone wants to tend a food garden. Grasses and many natives are perfect … Read More

Nursery Industry Explores Biodegradable Containers

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Plastic containers revolutionized plant production. Now a significant percentage of plants are grown in some type of container. At the retail level, containers not only hold plants and soil, but they have become a visual part of the marketing. Yet, … Read More

Show Me the Research – Glyphosate and GM Problems Expand

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Monsanto’s PR team must be up nights…since the good news just keeps coming up around GM technology and their popular herbicide product…Round-Up. We have discussed several resistance issues recently (see both earlier “Show Me the Research” posts), but the concerns … Read More

Show Me the Research

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It seems that for decades the conventional agricultural community responded to organic claims with “ show me the scientific research.” That, in fact, was what led me back to Oregon State University many decades ago. I was growing food organically … Read More

Make Sure Your Fresh Vegetables are Fresh

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When we buy vegetables, we hope they are providing important nutrients for our health. Numerous research studies have confirmed that eating a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruit can help deter certain diseases and other health problems. A recent … Read More

Green Streets/Bioswales/Rain Gardens

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After at least a century of hard engineering solutions for urban rain/storm water run-off, communities are turning more and more to using a plant-based technology that mimics nature’s wetlands and ponds. Portland, Oregon, has played a leading role in supporting … Read More

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